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My TV students and the rest of the world know me as Mrs. Melanie LaPlaca. I continue to write under my maiden name because after thirty-ish years of being a Pellowski (yikes), I still take pride in creatively representing my family’s name in print.

I’m a little-old fashioned, totally stuck in the nineties and always trying to learn how to become a better cook. Saying BAM as the microwave door closes was one thing when I was single, but as a married woman I feel like I should at least try to not burn the house down with an edible chicken dish every once in a while. Even though, raw chicken, obviously, is a nightmare.

When I came out of the womb many years ago the doctor yelled, “It’s a cheerleader!” Of course, my story has a bit more to it than that after growing up the only girl among three brothers. A three-sport athlete in high school, I have managed to transform my passion for playing sports as a feminine tomboy into sharing feel-good stories as a hard-working professional.

I enjoyed being a part of a team and even joined a sorority in college because I missed the camaraderie of playing on one. I don’t have a cut throat mentality because I thinks it’s more fun to cut a rug with friends (and maybe strangers).

My husband and I even concluded our wedding with a Dirty Dancing lift, because “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Admittedly, the lift felt much more impressive in the moment.

Despite my lighthearted approach, I am a meticulous worker who is 100% serious about utilizing every single talent I have.

I have matured into a well-rounded individual who still values the excitement of sports without sacrificing the true meaning and important life lessons it teaches youngsters. It’s my goal to share genuine, human-interest stories that capture the true meaning of what it’s all about. I enjoy every aspect of sharing quality stories and connecting with others. That means sports, entertainment, comedy and news. Good news.

My experience in the realm of multimedia is as vast as the shoe collection I dream about. I have reported live on-air and on sidelines, hosted web shows and live cable programs in a studio setting, conducted interviews both on-camera and behind it, produced in-depth features, shot creative b-roll, edited packages, voiced highlights and other programming, and written scripts for video and print features.

All of this comes in handy when coming up with fun and creative (but still practical) projects for my TV production students. I became a high school video production teacher in 2016. It’s a happy medium between pursuing my own creative passions and encouraging high school students to find theirs.

Outside of sports, I am very interested in education, comedy, entertainment, lifestyle and travel programming. Creative writing is a passion that has become a profession. I have authored four books for Skyhorse Publishing: My Dearest Bridesmaid: A Heartfelt Keepsake from the Bride in Your Life, My Dearest Sister: A Heartfelt Guide to the Love, Friendship, and Lifelong Bonds of Sorority Life, The Pregnancy Primer: The Expectant Mother’s Guide to All 9 Months, and The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Thriving Through the School Year. 

I am currently working on other projects in-between doing yoga arm balances to impress my nieces and nephews. Of course, that isn’t what yoga is all about, but party-tricks never hurt anyone, and I’m not even certified (yet). I added dog-mom to my resume in 2019, and human-mom in 2020. Becoming a mom has been and will continue to be my most important title, right next to being the best (luckiest) wife in the world.

Other hobbies include fitness, running, boxing and rollerblading. Yes, I am well aware that the nineties are over, however I still think rollerblading is cool and I will always refer to Beverly Hills, 90210 as my childhood bible.

I frequently dream about my glory days on the softball field and in real life I have completed two marathons. I have years of experience working odd jobs, helping me build a body character and a bank of crazy stories. I still occasionally mix drinks as a talkative bartender and hope to one day, really, become a certified yoga instructor.

Please take a look around my website to view some of my work, and thank you for stopping by!

If you would like to connect with me, send me email: melpelwrites@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi Melanie I read your article about Maddie Potts and wanted to share something with you but didn’t know how to find you.
    This is a response to the story Be Like Maddie Potts written by Melanie Pellowski- YurView New England. I hope this find hers because I would love to share this with her, her article meant a lot to me. The response is to the quote as follows:

    “Anyone that knew her, knows. Anyone that didn’t meet her, wishes they did,now”
    I did not have the pleasure of meeting Maddie Potts but I wish I did. Maddie has made an everlasting impact on my life since the first time I heard her name a few weeks ago. For a while I couldn’t explain it, “why am I feeling so strongly about someone I don’t know?” “Why am I taking her death so hard?” Is it because she was a high school soccer player like I was? An athlete I like I am? I couldn’t figure out why her loss was hitting me so hard, why can’t I get it out of my head? Then I read this article and it hit me…Maddie Potts is everything I wish I could be and more. She is fierce, brave, strong, passionate, and kind. All of the qualities that I wish I could embody. Maddie Potts, 7 years younger than I am but the person I strive to be.

    So while I never had the opportunity to meet Maddie or her family, I am inspired by you and will continue to tell your story and embody the qualities and light that you shared to everyone around you. I will teach my students to be like Maddie Potts, just like this article says and will continue your legacy forever.

    Maddie Potts you are an inspiration, even to the people who weren’t lucky even to know you, and that is the definition of a legend.


    Thank you so much for this Melanie. Feel free to share this, your article has helped me grieve and I hope my letter will help others who may not have known Maddie but still feel the pain of her passing.

    -Maddy B
    Stonington, CT

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