The Pregnancy Primer

The Pregnancy Primer: The Expectant Mother’s Guide to All 9 Months was published the same month that I learned my husband and I were expecting a child of our own. After spending a year researching all there is to know about having a baby and interviewing friends and family about the amazing role of motherhood, I couldn’t wait to become a mom myself!

I would soon learn first-hand that the relationship a mommy develops with her baby begins long before hearing that first cry in the delivery room. There are the emotions! The questions! The cravings! From old wives’ tales to doctors’ orders, it’s important that every new mom takes her own intuition into account when navigating her first pregnancy.

That’s why I found it necessary to highlight all of the happy, sweet and humorous factors that go into becoming a mom. Like my previous books My Dearest Bridesmaid and My Dearest Sister, publishing The Pregnancy Primer became an extra special accomplishment as the subject I was writing about mirrored new chapters emerging in my own life.

Beginning with that very first ultrasound through every enjoyable (and challenging) moment leading up to the delivery date, The Pregnancy Primer is a sentimental yet playful interactive journal for the mommy-to-be in your life, a lasting offering of the bonds formed between a mother and her child during pregnancy, and a genuine reflection of what anticipating parenthood is all about.

Inside this sweet memento you’ll find:

  • Journaling pages for mommy-to-be to document the ups and downs of pregnancy
  • Planning tips for the baby including must-haves for the nursery
  • Photo inserts for ultrasounds and the evolution of pregnancy through the birth of the child
  • Advice on nutrition, mental health, preparing for delivery, and so much more!

There are so many unexpected factors that go into becoming a new parent. My husband and I could have never anticipated delivering our son during a pandemic. With so many variables new parents cannot control, one thing is certain. When a woman becomes a mom, her heart grows in ways she never could have imagined. Pregnancy is the journey to the most important job a woman may ever have as she becomes the most important person in her new baby’s life.

An ideal gift for any new mom, The Pregnancy Primer honors the blessings and beauty of having a baby and keeps those proud, pregnant memories kicking with love for years to come.