Hello! I’m Melanie.

I am a published author, educator and journalist with over ten years of experience producing feel-good, human-interest content across various media outlets and platforms.

I am a creative professional, dog-mom and human-mom (to the most amazing little boy on the planet). My most recent project is creating and building Gift Book Girl, a blog and soon-to-be Etsy shop that provides gift-seekers with gifting advice and downloadable art. In addition to that, I have been producing some multimedia content that showcases positive stories surrounding the school district where I teach Television Production. I put great focus on showing gratitude toward educators through feature storytelling – something very important in 2020.

Finally, I am hoping to finish up two novels that I started writing when I began teaching in 2016. One was inspired by the sweet connection and special bond developed between a father and daughter on the softball field, as I experienced with my dad as a coach and have seen so many other times through stories I have produced. The second project is a tale of overcoming grief through running and an unexpected friendship.