The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care

After earning nearly a decade of experience as a multi-media journalist, I made a transition into teaching as a TV/video production teacher. Being able to guide high school students in producing video features while creating a weekly morning show was my perfect happy medium. I was able to continue pursuing my own creative projects while committing to a rewarding full-time job as a teacher.

My professional background coupled with my education helped me make the switch back to the classroom, and my real world experience continues to play an important role in the classroom projects I develop.

In 2016, I balanced being a first-year teacher with being a first-time author and bride-to-be! I wrote My Dearest Bridesmaid while my husband and I planned our own wedding. I followed up my first book with a second publication, My Dearest Sister, inspired by my time as a sorority girl at Rutgers University. My next project was titled, The Pregnancy Primer, and I wrote that while envisioning soon becoming a mom myself. As luck would have it, The Pregnancy Primer was published the same month my husband and I learned we were expecting a child of our own!

I have made a habit of writing about subjects I hold near and dear to my heart, so it seemed only natural that my next book would focus on what I observed and experienced in my first four years as an educator. Re-entering the classroom and experiencing teaching first-hand after spending years working as a journalist gave me great perspective, insight and inspiration into my fourth book, The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care. I always had a great respect for teachers, but I quickly learned how challenging, draining and rewarding it was to live the life of a teacher.

The Teacher's Guide to Self Care is an inspirational memento for the teacher in your life, with quotes, anecdotes, and advice from real educators about teaching philosophies, trends, and so much more!

Teachers run on adrenaline, good vibes, and big dreams. They’re often so busy helping our little ones that they forget about the little things they need to be happy on their own time. From simple drink recipes to humorous anecdotes about pop culture and the history of education, The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care is the perfect cheat sheet for maintaining sanity, looking smart, and feeling fabulous throughout the dog days of the school year.

Topics include:

  • Past, present, and future teaching trends
  • Creative ideas for decorating your classroom
  • Teacher lingo
  • How to manage your free time beyond the classroom
  • And so much more!

Every teacher who sheds a tear on the last day of summer can share a smile on the first day of school with a confidence-boosting, adorable guidebook that reminds them they aren’t alone.

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